Perfect for those who suffer with dry, hard skin on their feet. This foot peel offers a natural exfoliation after 1-2 weeks, leaving your feet soft and silky.


Not suitable to use on cracked heels or if you are diabetic.

Baby Foot Exfoliating Foot Peel


Wear the booties for 1hr then remove booties and rinse feet, wait for 3- 7 days to see the unwanted layers of dead skin peel away.

Baby Foot gently removes unwanted dead skin. Layer by layer, it works to loosen skin until those unwanted layers just peel away. Each peel contains fruit acid, which penetrates only dead skin layers and breaks down the bonds that keep those layers attached to your foot. As a result, these layers can peel off easily, leaving behind only the fresh, new layer of skin underneath.

After the foot peel, it’s like your feet have been reborn. They are fresh and clean, just like they were when you were a baby! Feel confident about your healthy, beautiful feet and kiss cracked heels and other painful skin conditions goodbye.