Sourced from the highest place on Earth, the quality and purity of these salt rocks is unequalled. By placing these beautiful pink salt rocks in a warm bath, you are giving yourself a simple yet effective mineral home spa treatment. Your whole body will benefit immediately from the 84 naturally occurring minerals that they contain.



  • Rebalancing and revitalising
  • Detoxifying
  • Pain relieving and anti-inflammatory
  • Pore-cleansing
  • Relaxing and improving the quality of sleep
  • Calms redness and irritation

Pink Himalayan Salt Rocks

  • Heat in microwave for 30 seconds and massage over aching muscles and joints
  • Treat minor skin complaints
  • Soothe insect bites
  • Use under arms as an effective deodorant
  • Wrap in a soft cloth and massage over skin whilst bathing or showering
  • Place in a warm bath for 20 mins – they will last for approximately 3 baths