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W H A T   I S
D I V I N E   P R O?

The Divine Pro offers the ultimate treatment for a total facial rejuvenation including skin toning, skin firming, wrinkle reduction without the invasive surgery and minimal pain.

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The Pyramid Facelift

Single Treatment


Three Treatments


Six Treatments



Is my skin type suitable for this treatment?

The Pyramid Facelift is suitable for all skin types and there is no patch test required. However, as a professional if we feel like your skin isn’t in optimal condition to benefit from this treatment, we will recommend a plan to enable you to reach your desired goals.


How will I feel during the treatment?

Some aspects of the treatment are mildly uncomfortable, however it is minimally invasive as the fine, ultra, needles do not need to penetrate as deeply as microneedling. Immediately after the treatment some would describe feeling like they have mild sunburn, however this usually subsides within 2 hours.

How will I look immediately after?

You will have mild erythema or redness, this usually reduces significantly within 2 hours and is typically completely clear within 24 hrs.


When will I see the full results?

You will see an immediate result as the treatment has an instant tightening effect, however the full results will take up to 8 weeks and last for up to 2 years.


Need to know information...

  • Suitable for all skin types- subject to consultation

  • Immediately after the treatment the skin may be red, swollen and inflamed, this is the desired effect in order for the skin to repair itself. Absolutely normal.

  • Skin will look brighter, firmer, tighter & lifted immediately

  • In the 3-5 days post treatment; the skin will form tiny micro-scabbing where the micro-needles have penetrated the skin. They will be barely visible but will be a uniformed mild rough texture to the skin

  • Plan your treatments accordingly, its advisable to allow 5-7 days downtime before an event or occasion 

  • Avoid using make-up 24/48 hours after treatment 

  • Results will continue to improve as the weeks pass; elastin and collagen that was produced during treatment will begin to firm and strengthen the skin. 

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