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Meet the new love of your life.


Our gel polishes are rich, highly pigmented, chip-resistant and offer extreme long lasting shine. 

Gel nails are also available as a add-on to any Spa Manicure or Spa Pedicure at an extra cost.

Our diary is now closed for any NEW gel nail clients. Any new bookings made online will automatically be cancelled.


Fingers Plain Colour Gel


Fingers French Gel/ French cuff


Fingers BIAB Alone - To add strength to nail, not to be soaked off.


Infill Fingers Plain Colour Gel


Infill Fingers French Gel 


Infill Fingers BIAB Alone


Soak Off & Fingers Plain Colour Gel


Soak Off & Fingers French Gel 


Soak Off Fingers



BIAB Base - Can be added to Plain Colour or French for extra strength


Standard Nail Art - Pot glitter, Dots, Basic lines, Simple lines, Simple designs on a couple of nails.

From £5.00

Advanced Nail Art – Gold Leaf, Swirls, Flowers, Marble, Hearts, Detailed designs, Negative space French, Glitter ombre.

From £7.00

Gel Nail Repair 


Extension - For a broken nail


Nail Art prices are at the therapists discretion. 

French Tip
French Cuff
Negative Space French
Basic Nail Art
Detailed designs including French
Glitter Ombre
Detailed designs including French


Toes Plain Colour Gel


Toes French Gel


Infill Toes Plain Colour Gel


Infill Toes French Gel


Soak Off & Toes Plain Colour Gel


Soak Off & Toes French Gel


Soak Off Toes


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