The Geneo+ is an advancement in skin care that delivers 4 essential treatments simultaneously. With visible results from the first treatment.


  1. Advanced Microdermabrasion

  2. Infusion of unique revitalizing formulas

  3. Oxygenation

  4. Tightening & Contouring of skin


The “4 in 1” Approach

GeneO+ takes its inspiration from natural hot springs – known for inducing skin oxygenation. By stimulating this effect, Geneo+ triggers a body response that sends oxygen to the area. At the same time Geneo+ exfoliates the skin and creates an optimal environment for infusion of essential nutrients both during and after treatment.



  • Radiant Skin is Just a Treatment Away.

  • Visible results from the 1st treatment

  • Skin rejuvenation and firmed complexion.

  • Oxygenation generated from within.

  • Optimal absorption of essential nutrients.

  • Suitable for all skin types.


These Elements can be tailor made into treatments to address your worries.


A course of 6 weekly treatments are recommended followed by a monthly maintenance treatment.


We recommend that you have an in depth consultation with your therapist to address your worries and agree a treatment plan.


Revive Facial


Geneo Revive refreshes dull skin, reduces fine lines and improves overall skin texture and appearance. This treatment includes the full face and neck.

Illuminate Facial


Geneo illuminate unifies skintone, improves pigmentation and rejuvenates the skin. This treatment includes the full face and neck.

Balance Facial


Geneo Balance purifies and soothes the skin and improves the skins texture and appearance. Beneficial to problematic skin types. This treatment includes the full face and neck.

Hydrate Facial


The Geneo Hydrating OxyPod includes Blue Spirulina, Niacinamide and Lactobionic Acid, working together to hydrate, replenish and improve skin’s moisture retention abilities, resulting in a glowing, refreshed, and younger-looking complexion.

Discounted prices are available for courses when paid for in advance.




A full 30 minute CACI Lift to re-educate the facial muscles. This can only be added to Geneo Facials

Photo Dynamic Mask


Upgrade any treatment to incorpourate our latest advanced Light Therapy Mask. The use of over 900 High Density Diode Lights has a beneficial effect on your skins natural functions leaving you with rejuvenated, soothed or calmed skin depending on your needs.