The only permanent way to prevent hair growth. The treatment uses the insertion of a fine sterile disposable needle into the hair follicle. Then a small electric current discharged into the area. Our electrologist has over 30 years experience in this field and is a member of the  BRITISH INSTITUTE & ASSOCIATION OF ELECTROLYSIS.


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If you are looking for Permanent Hair Reduction using our Gold Standard Medical Laser go to our Laser Treatments page.


Advanced Electrolysis Procedures treatments using electrolysis are becoming increasingly popular as knowledge about these fantastic treatments increase.


A wide diversity of skin blemishes like Skin Tags, Facial Thread Veins, Spider Naevus, Blood Spots, Milia and Dermatosis Papulosa Nigra can be quickly and easily treated with immediate and effective results offering an eventual blemish free smooth skin.



  • Avoid sun bathing for 4 weeks

  • Apply sun block for 4 weeks



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If appointments are missed when booking online the full cost of your treatment will be taken. If an appointment is cancelled or reshecduled on the day of the appointment a 50% non returnable booking fee will be required to secure your next appointment. 

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